kickstarter goal reached !

Thank you to all our supporters who donated to the Kickstarter and believe in this project.

We're putting the finishing touches on season one.

The Susie House Podcast has already distributed Backer Rewards. Please e-mail us if you didn't get yours. We have a couple of orphans left.​​​​​​​

Our Undying Gratitude
Not only will you have our undead, er, undying gratitude, you will be featured on our website where we’ll add your name to our Backer Appreciation List... in blood-red font.
Susie House Evil Talking Board Sticker
Proudly display your love of the Gothic with a Susie House custom-made, talking board planchette sticker. In The Susie House, a young boy gets a special talking board for his birthday. His daddy tells him not to go conjuring up the dead, but there's definitely something trying to get through that board.

Still, don't worry. This sticker should be harmless. we t hink..

This reward also gets your name on our website "Thank You" list

*product will not have watermark

Mr. Mysterio Radio Hour Digital Poster
Download and print your very own copy of artist Nat Peterson's beautiful, vintage style Mr. Mysterio Radio Hour poster art. Mr. Mysterio's radio show features prominently in our series, as does Mr. Mysterio himself. Imagine a man with a crystal ball or a spirit board, conjuring up dead ancestors for movie stars, live on the radio. Fans of the occult or Hollywood movie posters circa 1930s will enjoy this original design.​​​​​​​

This reward also gets your name on our website "Thank You" list.

*product will not have watermark

The Portals of Hell Key chain or Pendant
Keep your keys to the Portals of Hell where you can always find them, around your neck or on a key chain! We commissioned a local (Austin) resin artist to create some amazing Susie House talking board key chains and pendants. The miniature boards come with a tiny planchette charm that you can wear anywhere. Ask it for spirit guidance to help find your keys, or use to summon destructive supernatural forces from the Beyond. It's up to you, really.

Please specify you preference for key chain or pendant when you pledge.

This reward also comes with a sticker and your name on our website "Thank You" list.
Flames of Fear Scented Candle
We worked with a local (Austin) candle company to bring you lightly scented soy candles perfect for relaxation, meditation, hot baths, or summoning a demon to do your dirty work. (Again, who are we to judge?) The candle smells of lemon and lavender (our main character's favorite plant) and has our logo on it, so you can show all your support for The Susie House, even in the dark.

This reward also comes with a sticker and your name on our website "Thank You" list.
Sinister Susie House T-Shirt
Wear your passion for podcasts and for horror on your sleeve...literally!  We commissioned an independent artist to create a creepy Susie House Podcast t-shirt logo in the style of old-school tattoo art. Think Edward Gorey book cover meets Sailor Jerry.  And of course there's only one color to choose from: black.

This reward also comes with a sticker and your name on our website "Thank You" list.
Doomed for All Eternity Package
Everything you need to survive all eternity in Purgatory in one sweet package. Trick (or treat) yourself out in Susie House swag: the key chain or pendant, the candle, and of course the t-shirt!

As if that weren't enough, this reward comes with a “thank you for your support” on our website.
Mr. Mysterio Radio Hour Vintage Poster
An original, 1930s-vintage style poster created and signed by NY-based installation artist, illustrator, and designer Nat Peterson. Nat designed our website and made all of the detailed poison and medicinal plant artwork you may have seen on our Instagram. Inspired by our podcast's very own retro radio seance host, 
Mr. Mysterio. 

This reward comes with a sticker, a t-shirt, and a “thank you for your support” on our website.

*product will not have watermark

Personalized Palm Reading by Tim Mateer
Notorious Austin actor, musician, and soothsayer Tim Mateer has many gifts to offer this world. He just so happens to read palms, too, and will look into your future, your past, your darkest secrets...if you dare to let him. 

Gazing into our crystal ball (yes, we have one) we also see a Susie House sticker AND your name on our website in your future. 

Both come with this reward.
Cameo Role in The Susie House Podcast
Whether it's to expand your resume to include "horror podcast villain," or if it's just that you're intrigued by the sheer fun of it, $500 gets you a custom-written cameo appearance in Season Two of our series, which will take place in 1930s Los Angeles (pronounced "Loss-Ang-uh-leez") and the wild world of the Hollywood occult. 

In addition, you will receive a sticker and a “thank you for your support” on our website, plus your choice of t-shirt, candle, pendant or key chain.
Executive Producer Credit
Calling all media moguls! We will add you as an Executive Producer and announce your name in the credits of every Susie House episode. After all, your generous contribution is going to allow us to pay our cast and crew, and launch our series into the world. We couldn't be more grateful! 

This tier also includes a sticker, t-shirt, and your choice of key chain or pendant,
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