Episode 001: Back to Barren Creek ​​​​​​​ 
1936: In the middle of the Great Depression, Honor Walsh finds herself resettled in small-town Kentucky, with her hard-drinking husband James and young son Robert.
Episode 00​​​​​​​2: Bird of Death
A plague of birds erupts from under the Susie House, terrorizing the town and driving Honor to seek advice from Barren Creek's handsome, troubled priest, Father Judah. James gets involved in the search for a missing man. Robert receives a strange gift from his Aunt Zuma.
Episode 003: The Flu
Old and new jealousies ratchet up tension between James and his brother Ebon, with Honor trapped in the middle. The mystery around Joe Bob's disappearance intensifies. St. Mary's Mother Superior reveals the Susie legend, taking Honor on a trip into the past. At the same time, inexplicable events have the whole town on edge.
Episode 004: Ghost Horse
Worried about an increasingly eccentric Robert, Honor consults Laudemia, the local healer. Torn between two women, Ebon is forced to confront the fears that once drove him away from Barren Creek. In Los Angeles, Zuma hatches a plan to rescue Honor and Robert.
Episode 005: What Do You Know About Stab Wounds
Sheriff Clem and Deputy Mallard investigate Joe Bob's disappearance. James and the Barren Creek Spirits Club encounter something terrifying on their manhunt. Honor and Laudemia search for a grave.
Episode 006: The Girl With The Melted Chocolate Eyes
The town gathers for a funeral. Piety foments trouble. Honor and Laudemia concoct a dangerous plan. Zuma pressures Honor to leave Barren Creek. James discovers what Honor has been hiding from him.
Episode 007: It gets dark down here
James goes on a bender; serious consequences ensue. Honor and Robert are separated. Searching for a sign from Susie, Honor makes a discovery that changes her fortunes. Piety is hellbent on stirring up the town against laudemia.
episode 008: Form a Committee
Honor tries to recruit Father Judah to help in a heretical ritual. James, Robert, and Betty Joe Bob face off against the supernatural. piety turns the town against laudemia. (TRIGGER WARNING: RACIAL SLURS, VIOLENCE, FOUL LANGUAGE)
episode 009: now and at the hour of our death
As the plan to rout Susie goes into action, Honor must weather unforeseen obstacles, both human and inhuman, to overcome the spirit world and make her escape. (TRIGGER WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE)
episode 010: tinsel town by storm
Honor makes a trade-off for Robert's sake.
episode 011: children should be heard and not seen
Mister Mysterio hosts a celebrity seance that gets out of hand. Honor discovers that Barren Creek is hard to leave behind, and though the bond between mother and child is strong, the gravitational pull of evil can turn all things upside down.
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